We believe that crude oil and natural gas will continue to be the indispensable energy resources and raw materials of the world for many more decades.

Petrogas is targeting to be a leading enterprise in the Turkish O&G industry engaging in unconventional resource plays as well as enhanced recovery and innovative optimization methods.

Our geographic target is centered in Turkey where our experience and capabilities include a wide range of geologic plays.

We are growing by leveraging years of successful experience with the applications of state – of – the – art technologies and responsible approach on safety and environmental requirements together with advanced financial management focusing on efficiency, cost control and transparent reporting principals.


Our management team has a proven record of successful acquisition and development.

Hydrocarbon Recovery

We approach hydrocarbon recovery with a different mindset. Our business plan relies on identifying, appraising and acquiring the underperforming oil and gas fields to convert them into fully optimized assets.

Our Goal

We are dedicated to increase crude oil & natural gas production and gas storage capacity of Turkey.

Our Strategy

We are constantly on the lookout for more opportunities to develop hydrocarbon assets and reveal value where it had previously been hidden.